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Linda Miles' newest best seller, Dynamic Dentistry

Linda Miles was honored at the Opening Session of Hinman with the Distinguished Service Award

rehab for alcoholics

Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC, CEO

Certified Speaking Professional, National Speakers Association
Certified Management Consultant, Institute of Management Consultants
Chief Executive Officer, LLM&A

With a sound background in consulting thousands of dental practices, and after lecturing in all 50 states and on four continents, Linda Miles and her consultants have a strong eye on the future of TRUE DENTAL PRACTICE SUCCESS.

Never before in the history of dentistry has the entire profession embraced Linda’s original message and philosophy as they do today. "Dental team members make or break the practice success". And that, "employees often determine the practice owner’s stress level throughout the day".

Sitting left to right; Annette Foley, Annette Taylor, Jenny Swaysland
Standing; Renelle Lancaster, Dr.Mary-anne Slater, Linda Miles, Don Collie, Don, Beth Gilmore.
From a Wagga Wagga, Australian practice and was taken at the 2004 Masters of Dentistry Extravaganza in Sydney.

In the 70’s, dental auxiliaries were more or less "helpers" (to be seen, but not heard). In the 80’s with the introduction of expanded functions and attention toward hiring, training and trusting the team to be more involved, solo practices went from an average production of $25,000 to$35,000 per month level to $45,000-$55,000 monthly.

In the 90’s with more emphasis on staff utilization and delegation, especially in the art of communication and patient education, practices blossomed and dentists were able to concentrate more on clinical care. The dentists knew that patients were receiving a universal message of comprehensive dentistry. The "Technology Boom" in the 90’s made it even more important to keep the "high touch" along with the "high tech", so dental team members became experts in customer service along with clinical care procedures. In the 90’s, it was not uncommon to see the practice productivity increase to over $80,000 per month for the progressive solo practitioner. More importantly, we saw a distinct shift in employee satisfaction as well as happier dentists who were now stronger leaders with sound business principles. The art and science of marketing, management, clinical excellence and personnel management had taken off!

Fast-forward five years. Our eye is now on the year 2011. We are asking our audiences and clients: "Where do you see your practice and yourself as a dental professional five years from now?" "What do you wish to be known for in your community?

  1. The cheapest dentist in town who is on all the insurance plans?
  2. The trendy practice that consistently looks for new and better ways?
  3. The mature, established practice that caters to the 45-75 age group with an emphasis on cosmetics and implants?
  4. The family practice that welcomes children and young parents?
  5. The Spa practice that attracts those wishing to have a Spa-like dental experience complete with head and neck massages and hot towels?
  6. Or The bread and butter dentist who realizes that a practice of just "jam" (high-end procedures) slows down immensely with economic highs and lows?

Until the owner-dentist has a clear vision of where he/she wishes to be in five years, the staff, advisors, and patients will have the same clouded picture of the future of the practice. This is where our consultants, seminars and practice enhancement products can help! Being confused about how all of these practice parts work in tandem is perfectly normal. Waiting until none of the parts are working well is NOT normal. We don’t believe in abrupt changes. Making small ADJUSTMENTS and taking the practice "one step at a time" to wherever you and your team want to go HAS BEEN and IS our mission. We believe that change is inevitable for growth……but TOO MUCH CHANGE at once is WORSE THAN NO CHANGE AT ALL! Join our clients who say……bringing the LLM&A programs into our practice was the single best decision We’ve made". Team members say, "I only want to work in a LLM&A practice setting. It’s fair, rewarding, and professionally FUN."